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TopGolf Dallas Texas

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What is TopGolf Dallas Texas?

Topgolf is a golf entertainment venue company that opened their first location in Watford, England in 2000. They now have 50 locations worldwide and are considered one of the largest chains for golf entertainment. That's right…GOLF ENTERTAINMENT. It's fun, it's exciting and it's spreading like wildfire across the country. So, what exactly is “Golf Entertainment”? Topgolf calls itself a “golf entertainment venue company”, coined by Topgolf CEO Erik Anderson as a “new form of entertainment”. The facilities combine a driving range with lifestyle amenities to provide an all-in-one experience that makes them feel more like an event space, rather than just another golf course. You can play traditional rounds of golf on their courses, but you can also enjoy food and drinks as well as live events on their stages. golf-gear

Topgolf Dallas Texas got its start in 2000

Topgolf Dallas Texas got its start in 2000. The original concept was the brainchild of brothers Steve and Dave Jollife, who were looking to bring their own twist to golfing. They wanted to create a place where people could hang out as they practiced their swing and grabbed some drinks with friends at the same time. The first Topgolf location opened in Dallas Texas in 2000. This facility was home to 102 driving bays that featured microchipped golf balls and targets that lit up when a ball hit them with enough force. The original site also included a bar, restaurant, and other entertainment amenities for visitors to enjoy. If you are planning a trip to the Dallas area, with a large group of passengers you can count on a Dallas bus rental to transport your group to your desired locations. Enjoy stress free group transportation with a coach bus rental perfect for 45-60 passengers.

The original concept was the brainchild of brothers Steve and Dave Jollife.

The company is a household name now, but not many people know how it all got started. TopGolf was the brainchild of brothers Steve and Dave Jollife. They came up with the unique driving range concept in 2000 and opened their first location in Alexandria, Virginia. Their original idea was to incorporate technology into golf to make it more appealing to a younger demographic. The name of the company—TopGolf—was a nod to the brothers' hometown of Topeka, Kansas. After success at that first location in Virginia, they expanded nationwide and then across the globe. Dave Jollife stepped down from his duties as President/CEO in 2016, but Steve remains as CEO of TopGolf today. Ready more fun? Be sure to check out Annual Events in Dallas Texas

Top Golf has a mission to enhance the lives of their customers, employees and partners through sports, entertainment and community efforts.

Top Golf is committed to enhancing the lives of their customers, employees and partners through sports and entertainment. They aim to do this by providing a fun and safe environment for everyone, including family and friends. Top Golf also strives to be a better neighbor by supporting local charities. Through innovative use of technology, they are able to improve the customer experience while enhancing their community involvement efforts. One more thing that should be mentioned is the high-tech microchipped golf balls. Each large bay has a computer that tracks your ball once it hits one of the targets. The computer will show you where it hit, how far it went, and even allow you to replay the shot onscreen. So if you're doing well or not so well, TopGolf Dallas Texas makes sure that you see your score accurately displayed in front of you.

If you want to hit real golf balls purchased at a golf course

You may bring your own golf balls if you'd like to use them for the TopGolf game. Just remember that there is a fee of $1 per golf ball to play with them. You must pay the $1 per ball fee at the time you check in. If you decide you don't want to use your own golf balls, they can be returned to you when you check out. Please keep in mind that only range-approved golf balls will be allowed on the field. Golf balls can also be purchased in the Pro Shop which is located by the front desk before entering our bays. Don't have any golf equipment? No problem. You can rent clubs for $5 per person, per hour. If you prefer to bring your own clubs, we offer a $5 one-time club cleaning service that includes a new grip on each club with no additional charge (must be purchased at time of reservation). Also, if you want to hit real golf balls purchased at a golf course, you can buy golf balls at the TopGolf Pro Shop for $1 each. If you're really serious about improving your game, check out our instructional lessons offered by certified veteran Pro's who are members of the PGA of America and LPGA. Lesson rates vary depending on the instructor and length of lesson. Are you traveling with a large group? Consider a charter bus rental, perfect for medium to large sized groups. We service all major events, and common services such as weddings, birthday parties and more.

Clubs are also available

If you're not a golfer, never fear! The clubs are included in the price of your game package. If you think you'll want to use your own set, that's okay too—but keep in mind that there will be a $5 charge to clean them afterwards. That fee is per person per hour, so if you're playing with a group, it might make sense for one person in the group to bring their clubs and share them with everybody else. If you don't have clubs or forget yours at home (which happens all the time), no problem! There's an on-site golf shop where you can get exactly what you need—new balls are only $1 apiece, and they can even be personalized with any number of text characters or images.

If you are looking for food, you will find everything from flatbreads and snacks to burgers and salads on the menu

TopGolf Dallas Texas is a fun place to eat and spend time with friends, but it's not just about the golf. If you are looking for food, you will find everything from flatbreads and snacks to burgers and salads on the menu in the restaurant area. You can make reservations online or simply walk up and wait for a table if there is one available. The restaurant is also a great place to enjoy drinks with friends before hitting the golf balls at targets on the range. If you prefer to bring your own food, you can do so as long as it's in a cooler that meets TopGolf specifications (no more than 21 inches by 16 inches).

There is also a full bar serving beer, cocktails and wine at this Dallas Texas location

TopGolf Dallas Texas has a full bar serving beer, cocktails and wine. Beer is also available by the bucket. There are 18 beers on tap with a mix of domestic, import and craft selections along with more than 40 choices in bottles and cans. Cocktails served include the TopGolf Royale made with Pinnacle vodka, mango puree, peach schnapps, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice and sweet & sour served on the rocks in a martini glass rimmed with graham cracker crumbs and rose petals. Also ordered are Moscow Mules made with Pinnacle vodka, ginger beer and lime juice; Skinny Margaritas (or any margarita) made with Sauza Blue tequila; Bloody Marys made with Ketel One vodka; house-infused cucumber lemonade Vodka Tonics made with Pinnacle vodka; Mint Juleps made with Bulleit bourbon whiskey; Dark ‘N Stormies (a Bermuda local favorite) that are hurricane-style drinks mixed up at TopGolf Dallas Texas using Gosling’s Black Seal Rum or Gosling’s Ginger Beer mixed together over ice in a mason jar style cup topped off with ginger ale. Ordering a Hot Toddy at this sports bar restaurant means receiving Basil Hayden's Bourbon whiskey mixed up into warm hot water served in an oversized mug garnished with fresh lemon slices, orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Wine drinkers will be happy to find out that TopGolf Dallas Texas offers nine different wines by the glass or bottle such as Meiomi Pinot Noir red wine from California and Prosecco sparkling white wine from Italy. You can wear whatever comfortable shoes you want to during your visit to TopGolf Dallas Texas. You don't need anything but comfortable clothing and shoes to have fun at TopGolf Dallas Texas. In fact, what you wear on your feet is one of the least important things to think about during your visit. Wear whatever shoes you feel most comfortable walking in or playing golf in since you will be walking around on the grass while hitting golf balls during your visit to TopGolf Dallas Texas. I usually wear a pair of athletic shoes that I just take off before entering my car after my TopGolf games (to keep the dirt out of my car). Another good pair of shoes for a day at TopGolf are sandals that cover your toes and heels. You may also want to try wearing running shoes with socks or even golf spikes if you have them!

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