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The Katy Trail Dallas Texas

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What is The Katy Trail Dallas Texas?

The Katy Trail Dallas Texas is a 3.5 mile long park that sits along the north side of downtown Dallas. The trail was built in the early 2000s, but it was named after the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, which was dubbed “the Katy” by railroad workers back in the 1880s. Dallas-Skyline

The Katy Trail Dallas Texas is a 3.5 mile long park that sits along the north side of downtown Dallas.

The Katy Trail Dallas Texas is a 3.5 mile long park that sits along the north side of downtown Dallas. The trail runs from the American Airlines Center to Mockingbird Station with multiple access points located in between. If you have never visited this urban oasis, here are just five of the many reasons you should visit it today:

  • It’s not only one of the best things to do in Dallas today; it’s also free!
  • In addition to being free, most people in Texas can get there soon after work and still have time to experience what makes it great before sunset. If you live outside of town, consider taking an Uber for about $10 both ways (to save on parking).
  • You’ll find plenty of fun activities including jogging, biking and rollerblading as well as less active ones like reading a book or simply enjoying some fresh air under a shady tree.
  • Dogs are allowed on leashes (and there's even a dog park at Mockingbird Station), so if your pooch needs some exercise, he or she will be happy to see you here. Likewise, children love running around the designated play areas while parents relax near by on benches provided throughout this beautiful urban oasis.
  • There are several great places nearby that offer delicious food and drinks including Company Café (featuring healthy options), Chipotle (for something casual) or Cane Rosso (for pizzas made with authentic Italian ingredients). You can also pick up snacks at Centennial Market which is open daily from 11am-3pm during summer months and weekends only during fall/winter/spring months.

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The trail is an amazing place to take a walk or jog

From the moment you step on, it is easy to see why so many people are constantly here walking, jogging and riding bikes. The trail is an amazing place to take a walk or jog, as it is easy to get to and off of, as well as provides you with some stunning views and great people watching opportunities. Ready more fun? Be sure to check out Awesome Attractions in Dallas for Both Tourists and Locals in Dallas Texas

The trail goes right by many popular bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

A description of the trail would not be complete without mention of the numerous bars and restaurants along the way. If you are going out to dinner at one of Dallas’ many great restaurants, consider taking your bike to it instead of using a ride-share service or driving. You will save money on transportation costs, be able to have that extra drink without fear of driving, and enjoy a nice ride through Uptown! Take a look at this map for some popular spots near the Katy Trail. You can also make a day out of riding your bike down the Katy Trail and then wandering around Deep Ellum for lunch or dinner. There is so much culture here with live music venues, bars, breweries, art galleries, museums and more! It is such a fun area to explore by foot before hopping back on your bike for the ride home. At the top of the Katy Trail lies Reverchon Park, which is a great first stop for anyone who plans on spending time running or walking because there are restrooms at the start of the trail. It's a popular place for people to play sports, take walks, and relax. The restrooms are well maintained and very clean. One of my favorite stops on the Katy Trail Dallas Texas is at SMU Boulevard, where there is a beautiful water fountain with big green lawns that are perfect for having a picnic lunch or kicking around a soccer ball. The water fountain has a dolphin as its centerpiece and is a popular spot for wedding and family pictures. The green lawns are the perfect place to play frisbee, have lunch and hang out with family and friends.

Recommend taking a stroll on the Katy Trail with your family and friends.

The Katy Trail is an old railroad track that has been converted into a park. It's great for walking, running, roller blading and biking. The trail is about 4 miles long and runs from downtown Dallas to SMU in University Park. You can access the Katy Trail from many different places along the path. I would recommend parking at Reverchon Park which is located at 3505 Maple Ave in Dallas Texas 75235 (Note: this will be an upcoming post). If you don't want to walk the entire trail, there are plenty of places to stop and take a break or even pick up lunch if you brought it with you. If you want to get some exercise while feeling like you're getting away from the busy city life of downtown Dallas, this is the place for you! Are you traveling with a large group? Consider a charter bus rental, perfect for medium to large sized groups. We service all major events, and common services such as weddings, birthday parties and more.

The Katy Trail is one of my favorite spots in Dallas!

The Katy Trail is one of my favorite spots in Dallas! It’s a hike and bike trail that runs right through the middle of the city. It’s perfect for walking, biking or jogging. You can hop on and off at multiple locations along the way. One end starts near SMU (Southern Methodist University) and goes all the way to American Airlines Center where our Dallas Mavericks play, and also where concerts are held. There are some stunning views as you walk and many great places to stop along the way for coffee or drinks. You can even get on some fun scooters (like Bird Scooters) and ride them along this trail too. There are a lot of people using these trails all year round, so sometimes it gets crowded on the weekends, but it’s still a great place to come with friends or family!

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