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Awesome Attractions in Dallas for Both Tourists and Locals in Dallas Texas

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Awesome Attractions in Dallas for Both Tourists and Locals in Dallas Texas

A major misconception about Dallas is that it's a tourist-only destination. Although this city has several well-known attractions, there are plenty of tourist spots that locals love! Every major city is bound to have tourists—and for good reason. Tourists often come to see the historical landmarks like Dealey Plaza (the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated) and the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (a museum on the tragic event). These locations are perfect for locals too! Even if you've lived your whole life in Dallas, taking a trip down memory lane can be an opportunity to reflect and appreciate what you have. Themeparks in Dallas

This post will be full of ideas for the tourist, and even some ideas for the local who wants to enjoy all that Dallas has to offer.

If you are spending time in Dallas, there are many things to see and do. We have activities for all ages, no matter if you live here or what your age is, everyone will be able to find something they enjoy doing. In Dallas Texas there are some great attractions that are fun for the whole family. DeGolyer House is owned by SMU and offers tours of the historic property on Saturdays only so make sure you plan accordingly. If you love shopping then NorthPark Center will be right up your alley as it has over 235 different stores, dining options and even an AMC theater so shoppers can shop until they drop. The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza is a very popular attraction because it is located at the place where JFK was assassinated in 1963. The museum covers many aspects of the assassination from Parker's angle to the arrest of Oswald at the Texas Theater which is another attraction in itself as it was also home to one of Jack Ruby's nightclubs before he shot Lee Harvey Oswald on live television. The Dallas Zoo offers visitors a chance to see over 2300 animals from all around the world including lions, tigers and bears! It is located about 3 miles south of downtown Dallas so if you don't feel like paying parking fees, riding a subway might be your best option since it runs right by their stop on Maple Ave & N Field St – Green Line service toward Buckner Station  So if you want a day full of fun then bring your family out to the zoo where they can get up close with some amazing animals while enjoying some fresh air on a beautiful day out! Are you traveling with a large group? Consider a charter bus rental, perfect for medium to large sized groups. We service all major events, and common services such as weddings, birthday parties and more.

Reunion Tower

You can take the elevator to the top of this iconic landmark and enjoy a 360-degree view of Dallas. You can even watch the sunset from 470 feet above street level, or dine in the rotating restaurant at the top of the tower! The tower's lights change colors depending on what event is happening in Dallas. For example, green for St. Patrick's Day, red for Valentine's Day, etc. Address: 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75207 Phone: (214) 296-9950 Dallas Skyline 

The Texas Theater

If you're a history buff, or if you just want to see where Lee Harvey Oswald was captured after the assassination of JFK, then you can't go wrong with the Texas Theater. Watching a movie or live performance at the theater will give you a unique experience and a deep appreciation for this historic landmark. Located in Oak Cliff, Texas, the Texas Theater is open year-round and features both movies and live performances. The theater is famous for being the site where Lee Harvey Oswald was caught by police following JFK's assassination in 1963. The theater offers daily tours that showcase this history as well as other aspects of its rich past. For example, did you know that Howard Hughes once owned this building? If not, consider taking one of these tours! It's an excellent place to bring your significant other on a date since it combines history and entertainment into one amazing location. The next time you are looking to watch a movie on the big screen, don't forget about the Texas Theater! Address: 231 Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208 Phone: (214) 948-1546 Ready more fun? Be sure to check out The Katy Trail Dallas Texas

The Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo makes for a fantastic family outing. You’ll find animals from all over the world in this wonderful zoo, including giraffes, gorillas, reptiles and more. The exhibits are well maintained, have plenty of shade and are easy to navigate with many signs to help you find your way. You can also rent strollers for young children and there are several amenities that make it a great place for families with small children. There is also the Giants of the Savanna exhibit which includes elephants, lions and rhinoceroses in one amazing habitat that you will never forget! The Dallas Zoo offers lots of fun activities so you’ll want to spend an entire day exploring this amazing attraction along with your family or friends. You will not want to miss the Lacerte Family Children's Zoo where kids can spot animals like beavers and wallabies as well as pet some friendly goats in a petting zoo! Kids will love feeding lorikeets right out of their hands at Lorikeet Landing, too. And don't miss Hippo Bay where you'll get an up close look at these amazing creatures while they swim just inches away from the glass door! Address: 650 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203 Phone: (469) 554-7501 If you are planning a trip to the Dallas area, with a large group of passengers you can count on a Dallas charter bus to shuttle your group to your desired locations. Enjoy stress free group transportation with a coach bus rental perfect for 45-60 passengers.

The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza preserves the memory of this event in a very powerful way. Here are some key things you should know about it:

  • What happened there? President Kennedy was shot and killed as he rode through downtown Dallas in a motorcade, by a man who fired three shots from a sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository building.
  • What is the museum? It’s an exhibition that walks visitors through the events leading up to, during, and after November 22nd 1963 – some of them quite shocking and dramatic. It also has displays on JFK’s life and times before he became president.
  • Where is it? In Downtown Dallas on Elm Street (an appropriate name) between Houston Street and Market Street.
  • What does its location mean? The museum takes up the entire former Texas School Book Depository building where the assassin fired his shots from behind stacks of bookshelves on that day nearly 60 years ago – and what better place for such a memorial than where it happened?

Address: 411 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75202

Take a horseback ride through parts of the city.

If you don’t mind the great outdoors, you can get a different perspective of the city by taking a horseback ride through the woods or through the city. It is an adventurous way to see Dallas and gives you a chance to experience something that most people wouldn’t think of doing when they visit Dallas. It is fun and relaxing, so it is definitely something that appeals to all ages. You can choose where you want to go on your horseback ride if you don’t have someone who already does it for you. If there are things that appeal to you about Dallas, this is a great way for seeing them in a short amount of time.

DeGolyer House

The DeGolyer House is a Spanish Renaissance style house, located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The DeGolyer House is now part of the SMU Meadows School of the Arts, and features historical gardens and a rose garden. It hosts the Center for Creative Connections, which offers community programs and events. You can purchase tickets online at their website: [DeGolyer Online Tickets](

NorthPark Center

Located at the intersection of Northwest Highway and US 75 is NorthPark Center, an upscale mall in Dallas, Texas. It is owned by the Simon Property Group and is anchored by Macy's and Nordstrom. NorthPark Center has more than 235 stores, including Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co., making it the biggest mall in Texas by area. The mall also features a variety of restaurants with everything from casual fare to fine dining. Shopping isn't all there is to do at this popular attraction; you can enjoy the many works of art on display throughout the mall as well as take in a movie at the AMC Theatre. This attraction appeals to both tourists and locals who are looking for some retail therapy or just something fun to do on a weekend afternoon.

Visit the Native American culture center, or go see some dinosaur bones up close. Whatever your interests, there is something in Dallas for you.

  • The Native American culture center for the history buff.
  • The Museum of Natural History for the dinosaur lover.
  • A live concert for the music junkie.

Whatever your interests, there is something in Dallas for you.

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