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Cedar Ridge Preserve Dallas Texas

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All About Cedar Ridge Preserve Dallas Texas

Cedar Ridge Preserve is the perfect place to explore nature in the heart of the city. And it's located right here in Dallas (7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75249)! You've probably heard of Cedar Ridge Preserve. It's a popular spot for field trips and day trips with your family and friends. Even if you've never been to Cedar Ridge Preserve, you may have seen it on TV! The park has appeared in shows like Park Whisperer and The New Girl as well as movies such as Jurassic World 2.0 or 3D: The Secret Garden Mystery. Now that we have gotten you excited about visiting this lovely natural area let’s find out some important details about Cedar Ridge Preserve so you can make plans to visit soon! Cedar-Ridge-Preserve

This 660 acre nature preserve is one of the best-kept secrets of the Dallas area.

The Reserve

  • This 660-acre nature reserve is one of the best-kept secrets of the Dallas area. While it's only minutes from downtown, Cedar Ridge feels like another world.


  • Cedar Ridge offers more than 7 miles of trails to explore on foot or by bicycle. Signage along the trails allows visitors to learn about various aspects of Texas wildlife and vegetation.
  • The Wildflower Center Trail is an easy 2/3rds mile walk through a flat, open field lined with native wildflowers in season.
  • Fisher Field Trail is a 1.5 mile loop that meanders through the forested areas around Fisher Field and alongside the small lake at its center.
  • The Summit Trail offers some interesting views as you climb to an elevation of 600 feet above sea level, but can be quite rocky and treacherous during wet weather conditions..

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It's also only 9 miles from downtown Dallas!

You’ll find the Cedar Ridge Preserve by taking Highway 67 south to Dallas, then turning right onto FM 1382. From there, drive two miles and turn left onto Hillcrest Road. Follow Hillcrest Road to its end at a stop sign, where you’ll find the trailhead. The preserve is also only nine miles from downtown Dallas—a short drive from city life to nature! Ready more fun? Be sure to check out Texas Rangers

The preserve was formerly owned by a Texas philanthropist and has been open to the public since 2004.

The preserve was formerly owned by Texas philanthropist Raymond D. Nasher, who opened it to the public in 2004. The preserve offers a unique glimpse into the natural beauty of North Texas and features a variety of habitats, including prairie, savanna and bottomland forest. In addition to hiking trails, visitors can enjoy birding, fishing and other outdoor activities at Cedar Ridge Preserve.

The 7 mile trail system offers a variety of hikes with varying levels of difficulty.

The 7-mile trail system at Cedar Ridge Preserve is one of the most popular hiking trails in Dallas TX. The moderate to challenging trails are well marked and feature a variety of terrain, from meadows and creeks to hills and valleys. You can also bring your dog along with you on the hike, but make sure to keep them leashed! The trails are open from sunrise to sunset throughout the year. Hiking-In-Texas If you are planning a trip to the Dallas area, with a large group of passengers you can count on a Dallas charter bus to shuttle your group to your desired locations. Enjoy stress free group transportation with a coach bus rental perfect for 45-60 passengers.

The trails wind through prairies, wooded areas and creeks, so there's plenty of opportunities to see wildlife!

There are plenty of places for animals to hide, giving you the chance to see many wild critters. The most common animal seen on the trails is probably a squirrel or rabbit. Birds are also relatively easy to spot, but deer and raccoon sightings are more rare. A total of 146 bird species have been spotted in Cedar Ridge Preserve, including hawks and owls. Butterflies can be found on the prairie during spring and fall, with 22 species having been recorded at Cedar Ridge Preserve. The preserve is home to over 200 species of trees and 150 species of wildflowers! There are over 6 miles of trails that wind through prairies, wooded areas and creeks.

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