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Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas

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All About Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas

What's going on at the Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas? Well, the Round Up Saloon is the largest gay country western dance club in the United States. The club has been in Dallas for over 30 years and hosts a number of events each week including line dancing lessons, karaoke nights and special events. The bar also features two levels of dancing, three full bars, a huge patio with a smoking area, and a mechanical bull to keep guests entertained throughout the evening. Every Friday night they host “Love Train” which is one of their most popular weekly events. It starts at 10 pm and ends at 3 am. There's also an event called “Code Black”, which happens every Saturday night from 9:30 pm until 2:30 am featuring three DJs spinning music that is sure to get you up out of your seat and onto the dance floor. On Sunday nights you can come enjoy some fun games such as bingo or pool while listening to drag shows that take place on stage twice nightly! The Roundup Bar has something happening seven days out of each week! Dallas-TX-Bars

Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas Features

The Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas is a great place to go for many reasons. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. They have the best music which means you have many nights of fun with your friends. You can also bring yourself and your friends for a good time if you are wanting to watch the game on one of their large screen TVs. The food and drinks are excellent and they offer a variety of choices that will suit everyone’s needs. The best part about this club is that they have events every night of the week which allows you to discover what makes this venue so special. Are you traveling with a large group? Consider a charter bus rental, perfect for medium to large sized groups. We service all major events, and common services such as weddings, birthday parties and more.

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Round Up Saloon Dallas Texas What Others Are Saying

  • “This place is awesome! You have got to go see a show here. The people are great and they put on an outstanding show.”
  • “Great service, very friendly people and a great time for all.”
  • “Good food, great music, fun for the whole family!”
  • “I had a blast at the Round-Up Saloon! A little outside of downtown Dallas but totally worth it. Would definitely recommend this place!”
  • “I will be back!”

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If you're looking for a place to go in Dallas, Texas, try the Round Up Saloon. It's a great place to have fun with friends and meet new people. The staff are friendly and they make sure everyone has a good time. The saloon has plenty of things to do. They have competitions and karaoke so you can sing or dance if that's your thing. You can play pool on regulation tables or play video games with friends at one of the machines in the game room. If you want to watch sports while having a drink, there are plenty of TVs playing different games all night long. A band plays music on certain nights, so check their website if you're interested in seeing them perform live! The food is excellent too! They have burgers and fries as well as other classic bar food options like buffalo wings or nachos for those who want something different than what's offered at most places around town If you are planning a trip to the Dallas area, with a large group of passengers you can count on a Dallas bus rental to transport your group to your desired locations. Enjoy stress free group transportation with a coach bus rental perfect for 45-60 passengers.

Testimonials From Customers

Roundup Saloon Dallas Texas is a place you have to visit in person. If you read the reviews from other customers, you'll see that people love everything about Roundup Saloon. From the moment you walk through the door, you will get great service and all of your needs met, whether it's a cocktail or a great deal on steak! Check out these testimonials from some of our happy customers:

  • “I absolutely loved this place! From the moment we walked in we were treated like family.” -Mike M.
  • “The staff help make Roundup Saloon what it is today! They were very friendly and made us feel right at home!” -Cheryl H.
  • “We had so much fun at roundup saloon. We danced the night away and made some new found friends.” -Stacey S.

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