Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Texas

Top 10 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Texas

Welcome to Dallas, Texas, home of some of the greatest places to live! Need help finding which neighborhood is right for you? We have you covered with the perfect guide! Read on and let’s get started!


The best neighborhoods in Dallas Texas

If you’re looking for a new place to live in Dallas, Texas, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with a round-up of the best places to move in Dallas, so that you can make an informed decision about which neighborhood will be the best fit for your needs. We’ll break down each neighborhood according to location, cost of living and quality of life.

Here are our top 10 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Texas.

Highland Park

Give Highland Park a once-over and you might think it’s just another wealthy Dallas suburb. But this quaint town located within the city is actually much more than that. It feels like a small neighborhood with big charm, and that’s because it’s compact (it’s only 1.84 square miles) and has an incredible number of amenities, such as great restaurants, lovely parks, and easy access to public transportation.

In fact, Highland Park was originally developed by John S. Armstrong in 1906 as a Mediterranean-style community with wide streets shaded by large oak trees so each home would have plenty of natural light—and what better way to enjoy those surroundings than spending your free time at one of Dallas’ best parks? The 8-acre Lakeside Park includes scenic views of the lake, walking trails, and picnic areas—the perfect backdrop for soaking in the outdoors or hosting a family function.

The town has also become a destination for shoppers from all over thanks to its amazing selection of boutiques (including some top designers) along its main drag: Mockingbird Lane. The variety is impressive enough to make even the experienced shopper pause before taking out her wallet!

Highland Park’s education system is also top notch: nearly all residents attend highly rated schools in their area.

Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts District is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Dallas Texas. Many young professionals live in Bishop Arts District and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Bishop Arts District are highly rated. Living in Bishop Arts District offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Bishop Arts District there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families live in the Bishop Arts District and residents tend to be liberal. Public transportation is available, with a few nearby public transportation options.

Bishop Arts District is in Dallas County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Bishop Arts District offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Bishop Arts District there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families live in Bishop Arts District and residents tend to be liberal. Public transportation is available, with a few nearby public transportation options

Many young professionals live in Oak Lawn – Uptown Dallas TX , making it a good fit if that’s your dream job or future career path.

Oak Lawn – Uptown Dallas TX has a population of approximately 1,000.

Dallas Design District

Looking for more than just a place to live in Dallas? Design District is the perfect option.

Things To Do:

  • The Dallas World Aquarium features multiple exhibits, including a walk-through rainforest from top to bottom. Bring your binoculars and check out the animals and plants in their natural habitat!
  • The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza explores the life, death, and legacy of President John F. Kennedy through exhibits, photographs, films, artifacts, and music from 1963.
  • Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park is one of the finest collections of 19th-century pioneer and Victorian homes in Texas. It is also home to an antique steam locomotive that was built in 1881 by Rogers Locomotive Works.


  • Lucia’s is a tiny restaurant that serves delicious Italian food inspired by the Adriatic coast of Italy. It’s open only Wednesday through Saturday nights but has no reservations; get there early or be prepared to wait!

Bars/Coffee Shops:

  • At Buzzbrews Kitchen you can enjoy delicious meals 24 hours a day! No matter what time you want breakfast or dinner they will be ready with mouthwatering options like their award-winning chicken fried steak sandwich or smothered hash browns with cheese sauce (be warned though—they are not low calorie)! The best part about this place is how friendly all employees are so whether it’s your first time or fiftieth time going here everyone gets treated equally which makes me feel comfortable enough when I go in there late at night knowing I’ll always have someone looking out for me as well as great food every single time!” – Yelper Melissa G.”

Fair Park

The area, which is immediately southeast of downtown Dallas, is registered as a Dallas Landmark and National Historic Landmark. Many of the buildings have been restored to their 1930s appearance while others remain as drawn during that time.

The park was home to the State Fair of Texas from 1886 until the fair moved to Arlington in 2003. It hosted several other events during its peak period including auto races at the Cotton Bowl Speedway and regular performances by the biggest stars of their day (including Elvis Presley). In 2009, Fair Park was one of 25 sites selected by President Barack Obama for his new “We Can! Program,” focused on addressing obesity among children.

With over 10 million visitors annually and around 1826 permanent employees working there on any given day (most of them seasonal) it’s one of the largest tourist attractions in North Texas . 

Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow is a neighborhood located in North Dallas that features single-family homes, condos, townhomes and apartments. This neighborhood is home to many of the wealthiest families in Dallas. Preston Hollow has an excellent location for commuting into downtown Dallas for work or fun. The cost of living here is quite high. If you are looking for an upscale place to live with easy access to the best amenities that Dallas has to offer, consider moving to Preston Hollow!

If you have young children, you will be happy to know that some of Texas’ best schools are located near Preston Hollow. The Highland Park Independent School District offers numerous educational options including elementary, middle and high schools as well as several private institutions including Ursuline Academy of Dallas (girls only) and St Mark’s School (boys only).

Not only does this area have great schools but it also has very low crime rates compared to other parts of Texas which makes it a safe place for families or individuals who prefer not having any worries when they travel outside their home at night time too! You can find everything from shopping centers with designer brands such as Gucci and Prada across from restaurants like Oceanaire Seafood room where there’s always fresh sushi on tap; there really isn’t anything else needed except maybe an apartment complex nearby so renting would make sense if someone wanted all these amenities without buying into them upfront…

Greenville Avenues

If you’re looking to live in Dallas and want to be close to the city, but don’t want the bustle of the downtown area, then Greenville Avenue is one of the best neighborhoods for you.

Greenville Avenue is a hub for trendy bars and restaurants that make it a perfect spot for young professionals and couples looking for a neighborhood where they can enjoy their time away from work without having to go far from home. It has also experienced extensive revitalization in recent years, which makes it a diverse area filled with interesting people. The neighborhood has everything from high-rises to older apartment buildings that have been remodeled. You’ll also find lots of classic single-family homes throughout this area.

Deepa Ellum

Dallas’ most popular and modern neighborhood, Deep Ellum is a great place to live if you like to go out and have fun. There are lots of bars, restaurants and cultural activity happening here. Due to its strong nightlife and music scene, the area is really popular with young people.

The art galleries in this neighborhood make it stand out among others. You can find several museums in this area as well. If you love art or want to learn about history, you will definitely love living here.

If you are looking for some fun things to do, there are plenty of options for you in this neighborhood. You can go dancing at a nightclub or check out one of the many live music venues around here. You can even catch a performance at the theater that is located here! If you enjoy going out on weekends but still want something quiet during weekdays then try visiting Deep Ellum during both times so that way your weekends won’t feel crowded!

North Dallas

North Dallas is a large community in Dallas County. The neighborhood, which includes the cities of Farmers Branch and Carrollton, has a population of more than 1 million people. Many young professionals live in North Dallas and residents tend to lean liberal.

The median home price in North Dallas is $385,000, and the median rent price is $1,300 per month. Home values have gone up over the past year, but are expected to fall over the next year.

North Dallas is also home to many colleges and universities. These include Texas A&M University System Health Science Center at Dallas and The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing & Health Innovation.


Lakewood, home to some of the best neighborhoods in Dallas, is probably one of the most notable places to live in Texas. You’re going to be paying top dollar for a place here, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here’s why:

  • Houses are big (if you can afford them.)
  • It’s green. There are lots of trees providing shade and a little more privacy for homeowners.
  • Schools in this area are very good—great if you have kids or plan on having kids.
  • Lakewood is close to downtown Dallas and everything else that the city has to offer.
  • It’s safe; crime rates are low and police response time is high. That makes Lakewood an ideal place for families with children or seniors who want peace of mind when they’re home alone at night.
  • The people are friendly (for Texans). If you want neighbors that’ll say hello once in a while while they’re mowing their lawns, then Lakewood might be worth considering! Overall though, it feels like a very upscale place with trendy shops and nice restaurants nearby as well—so don’t expect them to drop everything just because you’ve moved there too 🙂


Bluffview is one of the most expensive and desirable neighborhoods in Dallas. It has a high median income, and many of the residents are professionals or white collar workers. The median home value is $600,000, which means that even though you’ll be paying a premium to live in Bluffview, you can expect your home value to go up as time goes on. This neighborhood is family-friendly and close to downtown Dallas, making it an ideal place for families who want to live within easy reach of all the action but still want a quiet environment for their kids.

If you’re looking for an upscale neighborhood in Dallas that’s close to downtown and provides access to some of the best schools in Texas, then Bluffview might just be the neighborhood for you.


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